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Ensemble Financial, Inc, is a boutique investment management and financial planning practice located in Midtown Manhattan. All professional services are performed by a Certified Financial Planner® who has held the designation for over 12 years with extensive Wall Street management experience in investments, retirement planning, qualified pension plans, tax efficient investments, estate and gift planning, education planning, risk management (insurance) and general personal financial planning. Client accounts are held at TD Ameritrade Institutional, a brokerage firm with offices nationwide. For your convenience, account checking and debit card transactions are offered with your TD Institutional Services account.

Your Partner in Money Decisions

With the exception of our insurance services, we are fee based, and provide superior services at an affordable price. Ensemble Financial, Inc offers discounted fees for clients with at least $250,000 of assets under our management in addition to a new custom tailored financial plan every three years. Please request a fee schedule for more information. We utilize, mostly ETF’s as Investment options with a small percentage of institutional no-load and front-end load-waived A-share mutual funds that have lower expense ratios for the remainder of our portfolios.

We provide financial guidance and wealth management services to executives, business owners, professionals, retirees and others. Our guiding principle is to help each and every client achieve his or her financial and retirement goals through careful and thorough planning. Our professional expertise and seasoned judgement help to consolidate all aspects of your financial life into one coordinated plan.

Caring for Your Finances - It's What We Do

Franck Cushner, CFP® is the firm’s Managing Member, with over 20 years experience in wealth management, financial planning, pension planning, finance and insurance. He has been a regular on radio shows throughout the country. His prior experience includes Private Client representative at Merrill Lynch and Senior Financial advisor at Fidelity Investments in their Wall Street office. Franck was awarded the prestigious designation of Certified Financial Planner® in 2005, and passed a number of securities exams throughout the years. His alma mater are the College for Financial Planning, NYU, and the University of Dallas. In his spare time, he enjoys sailing, the arts, theater, architecture and exploring the big city.

At Ensemble Financial, Inc, we strive to help you achieve financial security. We provide our clients with guidance to meet financial challenges and the peace of mind that comes with having a solid financial plan in place.

Call us at 1-212-489-1800 to schedule a complimentary initial consultation. Geographic location is not important, as we communicate with many electronically over Skype, Google, etc.

What's Your Plan?

No matter what your age is, it is of paramount importance to make the proper financial decisions that will enable you to become more financially secure and comfortable in the future. At Ensemble Financial, Inc, we provide all of our clients with high quality investment, insurance, and tax planning advice. After all, we pride ourselves on providing individual attention and getting to know our clients well. We answer all questions and explain matters in simple, clear terms that everyone can understand.

We are ready to start educating you on all the financial and insurance options available. Start now and put yourself on the path to greater financial security. Give us a call at 1-212-489-1800 to learn about what we can do for you.

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